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Travel In Romania – Plan Your Trip Now

Many people do not equate Romania with great travel destination. This Eastern European country between Bulgaria and Hungary is not typically a place people have high up on their list of must visit destinations. Romania is where the vampires and communism live and not somewhere you travel to for enjoyment. Well, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. While Romania is still developing after the fall of communism and Ceausescu, it is actually a place that’s very interesting to travel.

If you think it’s hard to travel in Romania and not a good destination, there are many reasons why you should visit it now and these include the following:

It’s Affordable:

It is cheaper than Hungary and Czech Republic. Romania is attractive because of its price tag. From transport to food to accommodation, everything is affordable. Even the popular landmarks are far from expensive. For instance, in Brasov, a top tourist destination in Romania, you can enjoy a lot of sceneries without spending a huge amount of money.

Romania is Beautiful:

The medieval cities, the countryside, the people, and other things are just some of the many surprises of Romania. Cities like Brasov and Sighisoara are attractive and very colorful. In fact, its rolling countryside remains untouched in most parts of the country. The locals are also very lovely.

It is Easy to Travel:

One of the surprises of Romania for travelers is on how it’s easy to get around the country. It’s well-connected by buses, trains, and planes to the rest of the continent of Europe and you can also use your Eurail pass in this country. Most of the public buses and trains are clean and new.

Majority of People Speak English:

Aside from the ease of travel is the fact that majority of people in Romania speak English, particularly those who are in younger generations. This makes it much easier not to travel in Romania, but also get to know other people a bit.

It Isn’t Too Crowded Yet:

Since Romania isn’t a usual tourist trail, even the popular tourist places feel welcoming and relaxed even in high season. The only place you’ll find crowded is Bran Castle, yet there are numerous better places or things to see. You can also visit Danube Delta.

Old Traditions Are Still Strong:

Because Romania is not teeming with the tourists, the older traditions including weaving, woodcarving, and homemade schnapps are going strong. You can also find some quirky places like Merry Cemetery that no one knows about. The villages still feel like the old traditional villages.

It’s Ready for Tourism:

Romania is very ready for tourism. Bucharest has brand new subway systems and buses equipped with the GPS-enabled screens. The villages like Viscri are converting the old heritage buildings into the home stays. Nearly everywhere provides visitors free of charge Wi-Fi access. However, it will not last. As Romania continues to develop as the economy improves, you will see more and more sceneries and other interesting places.

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