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Top 13 Places To Take Selfies In Ireland

If you’re looking at trips to Ireland, you may want to know where you should go if you want the best, most epic selfies that you will be able to share with family and friends. Here are 13 of the best places for you to go ahead and do so.

The Aran Islands:

This beautiful little place can catch the eye of anyone who goes there and gets to take a picture that you can’t really find anywhere else. The villages look quant and unique, so you’ll get a great selfie there.

The Cliffs of Moher:

 Are you looking to get a selfie that is a little more “nontraditional” than just another shore picture? These cliffs are adventurous and beautiful – so why not utilize them as a selfie spot?

Croke Park:

You love soccer? Then why not get a selfie from the top part of the stands in Croke Park.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral:

 The patron saint of Ireland has a beautiful cathedral dedicated to him, and there are plenty of places for you to take selfies, if that’s the thing that you want to go ahead and do!

The Giant’s Causeway:

 Ever want to know what it feels like to stand in the footprint of a giant? This costal wonder comes pretty close to giving you that experience firsthand.

The Ring of Kerry:

This natural wonder gets your attention and allows you to see just how amazing that the world around us is. The water around the island looks like, you guessed it, a ring.

The Burren:

 Want something that looks a little like Stonehenge, but not quite so far? You can get a great selfie right here in the middle of the country.

The Boyne Valley:

We all know that there is a lot of farmland throughout the country, so you can get a selfie here with your favorite fuzzy creature or beautiful rolling hills and farmland.

Fota Island:

 Want to know what sorts of villages the Irish had back in the day? Fota Island is the closest you can get to that experience and, with a bit of fun innovation, you can go ahead and get your pictures taken while you’re there as well.

The Guinness Storehouse:

 We all know that Guinness is the big daddy of all of the various beers out there. This storehouse gives rise to that tradition and allows you to see just a bit of what it has to offer.

Skellig Islands:

These may look like they are just rocks jutting out of the water, but these beautiful islands make a unique and memorable selfie spot.

Glenveagh National Park:

 This well-known park is the second largest in the country, and there are plenty of places for you to climb and hike – which gives you ample opportunity to get selfies.

Cooley Peninsula has a lot of different landscapes:

 from a low-lying beach to beautiful hills, which gives you plenty of options when it comes to taking selfies.

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