The Importance of Park Sanctuaries in ThailandDestination 

The Importance of Park Sanctuaries in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Most of the country’s income is generated from its tourism sector; millions of people visit Thailand throughout the year to visit famous locations such as Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Phuket, and Bangkok.

The tourism industry has led to the creation of thousands of jobs, as many locals sell souvenirs and offer guidance services to travelers. A number of different park sanctuaries have also opened up in Thailand over the past few years.

These sanctuaries aim to improve the standard of the local community as a whole, and to provide better job opportunities to the locals. Famous park sanctuaries are designed as tributes to the gods, especially those that are revered by the Thai people.

For instance, the Ganesha Park Canal Dam was opened to the residents as a tribute to the Lord Ganesha. There’s a huge statue of the Lord Ganesh in the center of the park. The statue was created by famous sculptors and is extremely detailed. It was designed as a tribute to the great Lord Ganesh, and portrays him standing in a very specific manner.

Park sanctuaries in Thailand give people the option to relax and spend their time in a calm and peaceful environment. Locals can visit the park during the night or day. During heavy visiting hours, most of the people just walk about or sit in the grass to relax their minds. Private companies, such as the Gold Foundation, manage these sanctuaries.

Local Markets:

These park sanctuaries don’t just serve as a relaxing point for the locals. Instead, the construction of parks in major regions of Thailand has also led to the creation of thousands of jobs.

The main aim of construction was to increase the country’s employment ratio, and the effects are already showing. For instance, the Ganesha Park Canal Dam has a separate market area where locals can sell a variety of souvenirs and agricultural produce. This area brings in quite a bit of money from tourists each year.

You can buy a whole lot of things from the local markets, such as fresh coconuts, souvenirs like lockets, decorative ornaments, frames, and pictures of Lord Ganesha. All of the products are fresh and are sourced by the locals to sell on the same day only.

This has also led to the increase in competition with the local markets, since the park’s market is generally open on most days throughout the week. If you are looking to buy community products in Chachoengsao or search สินค้าพื้นบ้านฉะเชิงเทรา in Thai Google, you can visit the park and just walk around the local markets to find something that you like!

A Local Recreational Spot:

The Gold Foundation, which manages the park, has stated that it sees the place as a local recreational spot for visitors. After a busy day at work, the locals can just pay their respects to Lord Ganesha and relax in the park before heading home. Chachoengsao is primarily an agricultural region, so most of the people have to work during the day; the park serves as a recreational spot for the locals, both before and after work.

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