How Are Hotels Given Ratings in BangkokHotel & Resort 

How Are Hotels Given Ratings in Bangkok

Bangkok is an exciting and cosmopolitan Asian city. Therefore, it is not surprising that many of its hotel accommodations, such as the Nasa Vegas, are luxurious in nature. Even if you are seeking a 3-star hotel in Bangkok, you will find that it is first-rate. Most hotel properties are given a star rating system so customers know what to expect in terms of amenities and conveniences. National ratings appear for hotels in parts of Asia and Europe.

The Hotel Rating System:

When rating hotels, stars are designated as follows – 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½, 3, 3 ½, 4, 4 ½, and 5 stars. Assessments of this type are usually not available for condos, bed-and-breakfasts, or apartment-style accommodations. Plus, the criteria may differ from one country to the next. Therefore, the following listings are not an exact promise or representation of a specific feature or amenity. They are just meant to give you an overall view so you know what to anticipate.

1-Star to 1 ½-Star Properties:

A 1–star hotel or hostel in Asia is a basic motel that is defined as no-frills and that features minimized on-site facilities. Guest reception may not operate 24 hours per day and daily housekeeping may not be available as well. Usually, the guest rooms on the property are small yet functional. Some rooms may not offer private bathrooms, in-room phones, or TVs. If the property is ranked at 1 ½ stars, then the motel may include 24-hour reception, a private bathroom, or daily housekeeping.

2-Star and 2 ½-Star Properties:

A 2-star property typically offers clean environments and 24-hour reception, TVs, telephones, daily housekeeping, small closets, and private bathrooms (some featuring showers only). On-site dining is available, as is a Continental breakfast.

Properties that have 2 ½ stars include limited-service accommodations. These properties frequently include upgraded rooms and expanded comfort, sans the amenities of full-service hotels, such as a bell staff or on-site restaurant. An expanded Continental-type breakfast, which includes hot items, is frequently served. In Asia, 2 ½-star properties may offer multiple on-site dining facilities.

Asian 3-Star Hotels:

If you stay at a 3-star hotel in Bangkok or other world-class cities, you will find that a greater emphasis is placed on service and comfort. Many of these properties, such as the Nasa Vegas, offer an on-site bar and restaurant as well as baggage assistance. Guestrooms are larger and more comfortable, and a better quality of the bedding is used. In addition, bathrooms are bigger and feature tub and shower combinations with expanded counter space.

As you can see, when you are booking accommodations, you start to receive added luxury and benefits when you choose to book a 3-star property. In Asia, 3-star is synonymous with deluxe bedding, quiet and well-located properties, and rooms and suites that stand out when compared to lower-star offerings.

For example, a Bangkok super deluxe suite is a 3-star property that usually features double or twin beds and a sofa and coffee table. Standard amenities usually include cable and satellite TV, air conditioning, shower, and wireless Internet for an extra fee.

Properties are usually near upscale shopping malls and such memorable sites as Wat Traimit, which features a 5.5-ton statue of Buddha in gold. Start with a 3-star booking if you want to obtain the most for your money in Bangkok and beyond.

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